• G9

    The G9 Jacket is as British as it gets. Introduced in 1937, the jacket is the first of its kind, which is a pretty big deal if we do say so ourselves! It was created by the Miller Brothers after seeing a gap in the market for golf jackets. Otherwise known as the one and only Harrington Jacket, the G9 doesn’t just stop in the UK, it has reached every corner of the world, not only for its long-lasting quality, but it’s sheer aesthetic - captivating celebrities, subcultures, and, well, everyone really! It’s such an inclusive jacket that anyone can wear, it’s 100% genderless. You can recognise a G9 by its ribbed hem and cuffs, as well as its Fraser Tartan lining and umbrella yoke on the back. It’s become one of the most iconic jackets ever made, and we’re proud to say it all started here at Baracuta.

  • Harrington

    The only and original Harrington Jacket is Baracuta’s G9 Jacket. The name dates back to 1964 when actor Ryan O’Neal, who played Rodney Harrington on the sitcom Peyton Palace, wore his Baracuta G9 Jacket in almost every episode, so much so that people started referring to the jacket as the Harrington. This later became even more solidified when John Simons opened a shop called The Ivy Shop – a tribute to Ivy League style - in the UK. He displayed a Baracuta G9 Jacket in the window with the writing “Harrington Jacket” beside it, and the rest is history!


    From the get-go, Baracuta was very well known in the world of sport. The Miller Brothers – Baracuta’s founders, if you didn’t know – were passionate golfers who attended Manchester Golfclub. They noticed that the market was screaming out for a versatile jacket, ideal for golfers, who didn’t have a lot of movement while playing. You could say golf planted the seed for the iconic G9 jacket. Take its name for example, G stands for Golf and 9 stands for the 9 holes of the golf course! As well as the improved movement the players had, they also had a strategic place to keep their golf balls. The pockets of their beloved G9 were purposefully designed to hold two of them, making the jacket even more practical, changing their game forever. One of the world’s greatest golfers to date, Arnold Palmer, collaborated with Baracuta to work on a collection in 1970 - this partnership really solidified Baracuta’s presence in the world of golf.
    It doesn’t stop there, Baracuta is also well known in the football realm. The 1966 English World Cup winning squad were given specially tailored coats by Baracuta, who also supplied coats for the 1970 team. The coat was known as “The Mexican” or the Ramsey Raincoat. The name comes from Sir Alfred Ramsey who was seen sporting a burgundy Baracuta G9 Jacket the night before England’s victory over West Germany, winning 4-1, making it a somewhat lucky brand for the English.

  • Fraser Tartan

    Even though our G9 Harrington dates back to 1937, the Fraser Tartan lining the inside has Scottish-Gaelic roots going all the way back to the 13th century. Brigadier Simon Christopher Joseph Fraser, the 25th Clan Chief of the Clan Fraser of Lovat, gave the rights to use their family Fraser Tartan to Baracuta in 1938, which was used to give the final touches to the first and only Harrington Jacket. The Fraser Clan has strong connections with Inverness and has survived many wars of Scottish independence and clan feuds. Fraser Tartan has been through thick and thin, coming out on the other side every time, it perfectly embodies the Baracuta G9 Jacket for its durability and strength, just like two peas in a pod.

  • USA

    In 1953, Baracuta graced the shores of America with its office inside the world-famous Empire State Building. The brand exploded in the States thanks to Ivy League students and high-profile celebrities who sported the G9 Jacket. Posters of high-profile stars wearing their beloved G9 were spread out all over the walls of fraternity houses, influencing the students to adopt the jacket themselves. People were drawn to what became known as the Ivy Look, the preppy style associated with the East Coast, creating a new aesthetic. When Baracuta came to the States, a small company called Van Heusen had the US rights to their name, which is where Four Climes comes into play. After some time, Baracuta bought it back. Don’t fret, the UK trademark wasn’t touched at all. Think of Four Climes as a special collection launched by Baracuta in the USA.

  • Manchester

    It all started on a cold wet day in the heart of Manchester, the Miller Brothers unveiled Baracuta along with the most iconic jacket in the world, the G9 Harrington Jacket. Not only that, their first ever factory was also situated in Manchester. It’s one of the wettest cities in the UK, so rain gear is an absolute basic need here. The Millers used to produce rainwear even before 1937, allowing them to become experts by the time they developed their signature G9 Jacket. As Baracuta has since expanded to all four corners of the world, home will always be home in Cottonopolis.


    After the Ivy League craze, many subcultures started popping up all over the place, wanting to also adopt the G9 as their so-called “go to piece”. Subcultures like the Mods, ska, the skinheads, rockers, and punk lovers - Baracuta dressed everyone and has always been a one stop shop for everyone. The G9 is almost like a helping hand in allowing you to express who you are and be who you want to be. To this day it is chosen by people from all over the world as a representative piece no matter their background. This is why it is an all-time classic.

  • Baracuta Store

    We searched high and low for the best place to open our Baracuta flagship store. We ended up finding our homely nook in Italy’s multicultural capital, Milan, in 2016. As it is a true meeting point for different cultures and backgrounds while also being completely accessible to everyone. There’s nothing better than a full immersive Baracuta experience, and you’re sure to have one when you call down. Especially with the Fraser Tartan carpet and wallpaper adding its signature touches to the store. The outside of the shop is so quintessentially British because of its Georgian style architecture that you’ll feel like you’re walking into a mini-English portal. Keeping this English aspect was fundamental when building the store which is located on: Via Edmondo De Amicis, 24.

  • Umbrella Yoke

    When the Baracuta G9 first came about, there was a huge gap in the market for sportswear with a formal edge. Initially made for golfers who very often had to deal with rainy English weather, the Miller brothers ingenuously came up with the umbrella back yoke with a built-in vent for a more breathable garment. It doesn’t stop there; this feature was so thoroughly planned that it’s also designed to conduct rain away from the jacket and away from the person wearing it. The shape of the back yoke is inspired by the ever-famous rain repellent – the umbrella, which has become a signature design of Baracuta’s jackets.

  • Icon

    It’s no secret that Baracuta produces iconic pieces. For example, we were the very first to ever manufacture the original and world renowned G9 Harrington Jacket - a jacket which has since been copied time and time again, proving we have put our stamp on apparel history. It doesn’t even end there. Soon after the G4 (the G9’s alternative twin) came to fame for its relaxed waistband - you could say this model is up there with the G9 in terms of its worldwide iconic status. They say everything comes in threes and they’re not wrong as the third incredibly famous piece from Baracuta is the G10 - turned G12. Yes, our iconic G10 has gotten a slight makeover and given a new name! Now you’ll find the G12 to be some degree longer while keeping all the other features of the G10. These jackets will help bring out your true iconic self and can be worn with pretty much anything you have in your wardrobe! Is that not what a true icon represents?

  • Rainwear

    The Millers started producing rainwear in the UK in 1912 - that’s over 100 years ago! So it’s safe to say when Baracuta came on the scene in 1937, they had already acquired the skills and tonnes of knowledge to create the iconic G9 Jacket. In the early days, they used to manufacture raincoats for well-known companies like Marks & Spencer. But why was rainwear so popular you ask? The UK, and more importantly, Manchester is known for the amount of rainfall it gets, so stepping into the rainwear industry was the best move they could have made. Since then, Baracuta has continued manufacturing classic pieces, like the G9 – as mentioned before – the G4, the G12 and plenty more!

  • Made in the UK

    Being a British brand, we are proud that our G9, G4 and G12 Jackets in Baracuta Cloth material are Made in the UK by skilled British artisans to this day and will continue to be produced here in the future. This is something which is very important to us as a brand and to our customers. Today’s global market won’t stop us from producing in our London factory. We also source materials and fabrics from reliable local sources, for example English Wool.

  • G4

    The irresistible G9 has a brother! The G4, or the more relaxed sibling, was designed to offer an alternative looser fit. It’s easily recognised due the fact it doesn’t have an elasticated waist or cuffs and is replaced with button closures in both areas. This jacket gives the wearer more room, extra movement and protection from the rain. With these new features, it still stands out from the crowd as it has maintained all the iconic and immortal features of the G9. Designed with the recognisable slanted pockets made to hold two golf balls, the two-button collar and the unmistakable umbrella yoke motif on the back of the jacket. One characteristic that cannot be missed is Baracuta’s hallmark Fraser Tartan lining which was granted to the brand by Lord Fraser.

  • G12

    Goodbye G10, hello G12! Let’s clear up some confusion: our G10 has been slightly modified and given a new persona, going by the name G12. To some degree it’s longer than the traditional G10, giving it a more formal vibe. The G12 made its début in 2022 coming straight from our archives. With its soft, gentle structure, this elegant raincoat guarantees utmost protection from the rain. Baracuta’s signature details are featured in the coat, such as the Fraser Tartan lining, the umbrella back yoke and the front flap buttoned pockets. Button closures can also be found on the cuffs of the raincoat to allow for any necessary adjustments.

  • Celebrities

    According to many sources like Wikipedia, Baracuta is quite a catch for celebrities. The G9 was first spotted on the back of Elvis Presley in the 1958 film, “King Creole”, and went on to become a wardrobe staple for the likes of James Dean, Steve McQueen, Frank Sinatra, Daniel Craig, Bradley Cooper, Tom Hardy, Mark Wahlberg, Jamie Foxx, Leonardo Di Caprio, Jason Statham and many more. The G9 is a classic jacket which continues to be worn by actors in numerous films, as well as music artists, like Eric Clapton, while on stage. They’re even seen sporting it when they’re out and about in their everyday life. It truly is a timeless classic which has stood the test of time since day one.

  • Two-Button Collar

    Baracuta jackets are easily recognisable for a number of features, including its two-button collar, also known as a dog-ear collar which sits at the neck of the jacket, just like in the G9 and G4 jackets. We thought about its practicality for the customer and it’s a perfect example of form following function which gives you the chance to wear it as you like. It can be left open for a more relaxed, casual look on warmer days, and closed for extra protection from the rain and cold, keeping you warmer too. It’s totally up to you!

  • Baracuta Cloth

    One of the many reasons our collections have been incredibly successful is thanks to how we make our garments. We use our signature Baracuta Cloth, a high-quality fabric found in many of our garments like in our iconic G9, making them a water repellent and keeping you dry in rainy weather.



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